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Family / Thursday, September 29th, 2011

Let me say first off…I loved seeing all of your photos on my facebook page! They were each and every one of them so precious! Thank you for sharing them! Family memories are rich, and Autumn is a time of much nostalgia.

Congratulations to Caroline Allen for winning our fall photo contest!  Caroline, please email me with your info.  Isn’t this a fabulous picture?  I love the life in these two little boy and the sweet look on the sister’s face!

Caroline is going to get to choose her own free Scentsy warmer plug-in.

Head over to the online catalog and see how beautiful they are!

For those of you who did not win, you might still want to head over and check out their beautiful products.

If you missed it before I will repeat my introduction to Scentsy…when you use a Scentsy warmer you experience the beauty, warmth and ambiance of a candle without the danger and hazard of an open flame.  Each warmer is very decorative.  There is a small light bulb  inside that slowly melts the wax bars while filling the air with a beautiful fragrance…hundreds of different luscious aromas to chose from.  My favorite is the delicious smelling Mochadoodle (Starbucks, anyone?)!


Thank you again to all of you who participated in the giveaway.

Stayed tuned tomorrow for the release of my ebook- Embracing the Mess!



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