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Family / Friday, July 6th, 2012

We interrupt our regularly scheduled vacation to tell you of a great sale on our ebook The Heart of Simplicity!  Now available also in Kindle and Nook, The Heart of Simplicity is 25% off for one week!  No code needed..just head over to The Heart of Simplicity website and get your copy for only $7.49.  

Let me share with you some of the amazing feedback we have had from this all in one homemaker resource…


First off, I have to say that whoever chose the writing team for this project is brilliant.  She knows talent when she sees it and after through the book, so do I.  In every chapter I found myself clicking through links to see who the author was. I started highlighting some of my favorite parts, and when all was said and done I was left with little more than a yellow manuscript. 

~Darlene Schacht, Time Warp Wife


I have been working behind the scenes trying to get this eBook launched.  I did the formatting of this eBook and have worked countless hours on getting it just right.  While formatting it, I had the great privilege of reading it (a couple of times!!) and this is by far the best eBook I have seen in a long time.  The Heart of Simplicity

~Jamie Leigh, Young Wife’s Guide to Gospel Centered Homemaking


I don’t think I’ve ever cried while editing until I edited this book. Encouraging, inspiring, convicting…a must-read for every wife and mother! I was so, so blessed while editing. It’s like the Lord put it in my lap because He knew I needed the message.

~Erin Odom, editor and blogger, The Humbled Homemaker


The Lord’s Word alone instructs us how to live, and that is the foundation this book is built on. The Heart of Simplicity is sharp and convicting in places, yet equally full of grace and encouragement. 

~Bambi Moore, blogger, In the Nursery of the Nation


The Heart of Simplicity is the mother-load for mothers. Much more than any homemaking how-to, this book is packed with wisdom which guarantees to bring peace to any home. The principles in this book work because the are founded on upon the pattern the Author of order, our great God, has designed for families. I heartily recommend this book without reserve. If you have any doubts, take a look at the grace-transformed authors and the diligence with which they tend to their homes.

~ Jacinda Vandenberg, Growing Home


I just bought the new eBook, Heart of Simplicity and, ladies this is a must have! I can’t praise it enough.  I have been an avid follower of several blogs by many of the authors and so I was very excited to finally purchase this eBook. Go buy and download it, friends. You won’t be disappointed.

~Kristen, Created to be HIS


The Heart of Simplicity is a gem. Go digging here and you’re bound to come up with some nuggets of wisdom to impact the way you live your life for Him!

~Lorrie Flemm, published author


The Heart of Simplicity is an inspirational and encouraging book that will help moms to get their focus right. Each of the writers brings a wealth of words of wisdom that caused me to do serious contemplation and to top it off they added study questions! It would be good to read with a group of moms. Applying all the knowledge and wisdom in this book will change your family’s life.

~Kim Brenneman, mother of 9 and author of Large Family Logistics


As a first generation Christian, I was not equipped  to run my home efficiently. In my attempt  to “do it all” at the end of the day, I felt like a failure. Comparing myself to a lie instead of aligning my vision with the Lord’s. My vision is blurred and I still struggle with the big picture. I need to see things from an eternal perspective. The Heart of Simplicity is both encouraging and convicting. The first chapter begins with building a foundation for your home! Without a firm foundation, our homes can crumble! The Heart of Simplicity is a wonderful resource for all women and would even make for a fabulous group study!” 

~Stephanie Hardenbrook, Pure Modesty


Heart of Simplicity is a brand new blog by some of my absolute favorite bloggers, like Laura from Heavenly Homemakers and my friend Stacy from A Delightful Home, to encourage women to keep a godly focus as they care for their families and their homes. In addition to starting this blog, these thirteen godly women also collaborated on The Heart of Simplicity: Foundations of Christian Homemaking, an ebook about keeping a right perspective as we go about our daily lives. I ordered my copy right away!

~Crystal, Intentional Homemaker


Are you convinced yet?  This special book is sure to be a blessing so get your copy today! 


And now I am back to enjoy the last bit of our summer vacation…boating, swimming, all kinds of water sports, eating, laughing and yes, having a boatload of fun!  Make some memories with your family today!



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