Weight Loss Wednesday- a little change of direction

Uncategorized / Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

I have decided to make some changes this week.  I am not going to keep going to the Weight Watchers meetings.  As many of you can probably relate, going out to weigh is not easy and the more ways I can  streamline my life the better.  I have all the information I need to do it all from home now, and you my readers are my accountability.  I also have my mom doing this with me, and that is a great help.  So from now on, I will be weighing in on my own scale on Tuesday mornings and posting it here on Wednesdays.

Since I am using my own scale now, I cannot say definitely how much I lost this week, but it is registering about 4 lbs less than at Weight Watchers.  I am sure I have not lost that much, but I am encouraged!

I want to share with you something I am so excited about! A reader shared this with me last week.  Look at this Banana Ice Cream!! I made a big batch of this using several bananas and decided to also add a liberal amount of vanilla to the mixture and served it to our company on Friday night.  It was yummo!!  And since bananas are a free food on weight watchers, other than the skim milk it is no points!!  Check it out!

Be sure to head over to Confessions of a Snowflake to read how others are doing this week.  We need each other!

Remember… Bad week?  Good week?  It’s a fresh week!


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