Weight Loss Wednesday

Family / Wednesday, September 28th, 2011

Things are going well here, on the health journey homefront.  I fell off the bandwagon for a couple of days, but got back on again.  I am actually enjoying eating this way…well, not always, but often.  🙂  I even had a salad for my evening snack the other night!

I really love this Ezekiel Bread…the sesame is really yum!  My children think it strange that I am frying my eggs in coconut oil, but I know it is very beneficial.  I am getting used to sometimes having honey in my coffee again instead of sugar.

My T-Tapp DVD arrived in the mail today!  I watched part of the intro and understood so much more about different body types.  It was very helpful.  I practiced a little bit on the 15 minute workout and worked up a sweat, so I am on my way!  I have had alot of back difficulties, and this looks like just what I am going to need!

So onward and upward we continue on to a new week on our weight loss journey. How are you doing?

Bad week?  Good week?  Remember, it’s a fresh week!

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