Weight Loss Wednesday- Need some feedback

Uncategorized / Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

This is another hard week to post Weight Loss Wednesday.  This is when the rubber meets the road and my commitment to be honest to all my readers holds me accountable.  The plain truth is…I am not losing weight.  To the contrary the scale has gone up a little.

I am not even dieting at this point.  I am discouraged.

I  have been thinking through the way forward and am really feeling the wind going out of my sails.  I feel like I am so hungry, especially the later it gets in the day.  And then what I chose to eat is not the best choices. Either it is just my own lack of self-control, the medication I am on for OCD, or the fact that I am nursing full time a precious blessing.  My husband thinks the last option is the reason.  I do have an almost 20 pound blessing of a chunky monkey that is needing lots of nourishment from me, and I am enjoying this precious time immensely!

So the questions I am mulling about are…

Do I stop even trying to think about weight loss until I wean my little one, or at least am down to just a couple of nursings a day.

Do I change my focus completely from counting points, calories or fats and shift towards more sugar-free, good fats, healthy living and eat as much as I want or need?

I had a sweet friend email me last week with some valid points about how much weight gain is due to insulin levels and re-looking at our carbohydrate intake, such as in the book* Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health
There was an ABC write up with an excerpt on Good Calories, Bad Calories HERE. But, I have to be careful of not going too hogwild on my protein because I have one kidney.  But complex carbs are definitely better than the simple, I know.

I have wanted to cook more out of* Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats
for awhile now, and maybe I should focus on that and stop focusing on the weight loss?

I did go out and try to exercise a little today.  I got my Android and started the first Couch to 5K unit.   It was a pretty funny sight to see me walking and then sprinting jogging round and round my yard.  I only got through less than 15 minutes of it and was ready to fall over.  And to think that was the first one!  LOL!  Seriously, after a full day of homeschool and busy-ness the last thing I am wanting is to exercise.  A Jacuzzi is much more on the brain, when you feel ready to faint from exhaustion.  But, I did make myself move and that is progress.

So do you all have any words of wisdom for me?  How would you suggest that I press on in this?

Hop over and encourage others from Confessions of a Snowflake a well.

Bad week?  Good week?  Remember, it’s a fresh week!

*I am an affiliate for this company and if you ended up purchasing through my links, it would be a blessing to my family.

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