“Weight Loss Wednesday”–The Kickoff!

Uncategorized / Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

Well, tonight was the big kick-off for me.  I went to the Weight Watchers meeting, weighed in and signed up again. The program has completely changed since I did it before, so it is like starting over from scratch, but I am excited!  I celebrated by coming home and having a birthday party with my son and enjoying my last hurrah of desserts. (smile) Tomorrow starts the point counting and the serious tracking of what I eat.  Tracking helps so much!  Are any of you writing down everything you eat?  It seems like just putting it down on paper helps.

It is amazing…I get 14 extra points for breastfeeding!  I’ll take it.  Although I am skeptical about how I can lose weight eating so many points, but we shall see.

My goal this week?  Track my foods, watch my portions, count my points and move more.

So how did you do this week?  Are any of you writing down what you eat?  What are your goals for the next week?

Leave your comments and let’s encourage each other.  If you would like don’t forget to link-up.  Spread the word, and see if any others would like to join us! Remember, You do not have to do Weight Watchers, chose the strategy that works for you.

See you next Wednesday!

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