Weight Loss Wednesday- Two Resources

Family / Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

For this weeks Weight Loss Wednesday I want to focus on a couple of helpful resources that you may or may not have heard about.

If you have not heard of it before, I would like to introduce to you an amazing book called Nourishing Traditions.

This book will challenge so many things that over the years you maybe were taught about nutrition!  I mean, eggs aren’t bad cholesterol? Slathering butter on your biscuit is a good thing? Saving the fat from a chicken and drinking it in a broth is healthy?

I remember hearing about it years ago and finally ordering it in the mail. I love this book.  Now, I have to admit I have not implemented it like I should.  But, this book is amazing.  Yes, it is a recipe book, but far more than that.  It is a nutritional encyclopedia. Every page is chock full of information.  In fact, my girls are doing kitchen science this year and I am thinking of having them read through some of the info. The sidebars themselves are worth the read!

But, to implement the many healthful things inNourishing Traditions can be overwhelming. And that is where the next resource comes in…

The Better Mom website has been hosting Kelly from The Nourishing Home. Kelly has taken all the work out of using Nourishing Traditions. She has created menu plans, complete with links for the recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner in two week segments!  I have wished for a long time that I could have something like this!  I guess I don’t have any excuse to not do this more now.

I would love to hear from others of you that have used Nourishing Traditions.

Now on to my question:  Have any of you used Kombucha?  I would really like to try this, having heard such wonderful things about this.  My pastor’s family have made it.  If anyone has done it, I would love to hear about it.

Next week, I will be hosting the Weight Loss Wednesday link-up for Alicia. Head over there this week to encourage others.

Bad week?  Good week?  Remember it’s a fresh week!





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