Weight Loss Wednesday- Yo-Yos anyone?

Family / Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Over at Confessions of a Snowflake this week the topic is “How have you made your diet a life style change?”

The truth is…I haven’t yet.

My boys are lately really into yo-yos. You know what? I feel that is a perfect picture of me right now. I have a week of splurging, over the top indulgence, followed by a week of hummus dip and carrots, and by the third week..you guessed it, back to the splurging.

I also have a really bad habit of being a all or nothing person. So, if I am hindered from keeping with the plan, I just throw in the towel and forget about moderation. Like I have said before, nursing makes me all the more hungry so it’s a difficult combination.

This week there were some very difficult providences in my life. The schedule was crazy, life was certainly not the norm. But, instead of trying to do my best within that…”Where is the ice cream, I have blown it anyway!”

So how can I get off the yo-yo? Do you all have any suggestions?

I did read a very interesting article the other day that spoke about stress or our responses to it had alot to do with our health. We can eat perfectly, exercise everyday, but if we live in fear, stress, anxiety, anger and frustration are we really healthy? A merry heart doth good like medicine.
So this week I will through the grace of the Lord seek to:

Make food choices of moderation
Get going on my T-Tapp
And smile!

Bad week? Good week? Remember, it’s a fresh week!


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