Weightloss Wednesday-Moderation in all things

Uncategorized / Wednesday, August 24th, 2011

So last week I wrote my Weight Loss Wednesday update with my intention of waking up the next morning and beginning afresh to track and count, etc. etc.

But, at 4:50 am my dear friend called me.  I had been awaiting her call anytime, as I was planning on helping her with the birth of her first child.  I was with her nearly 36 hours.  That my friends, takes priority.  So needless to say, the tracking went out the window as well as the counting points.  Going about 42 hours without a really good sleep also means lots of coffee with milk and sugar and midnight snacking.  It was a beautiful birth and worth every second!

As of Monday morning I am now writing down what I eat and keeping track again, so we will see how things go.  Today I spent a big share of the day outside weeding the beds around the house and otherwise being very active.  So I definitely got my exercise in today.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, we are working on some raised bed gardens, so I am looking forward to some yummy fall greens.  Not turnip greens (can’t say I enjoy those) but Kale and Swiss Chard…Delish!

You know, I find my biggest struggle is just simple self discipline to make the right choices.  Of course the many pregnancies have brought a lot of my extra weight on to begin with.  When you keep an extra several pounds on for each baby it really does add up.  But, the lack of exercise and the food choices are catching up with me as well.  I cannot just blame the pregnancies anymore.  I have to blame me. And so, it is time to exercise my will more each day to follow that which I know the Lord would have me to follow in caring for my body.

Does this mean I have to only eat vegetables all day?  Can I never enjoy a splurge again? Not at all.  In fact, my belief is that the Lord has given us all things to enjoy.  This includes sugar once in awhile.  But, it’s those little italicized words that are the key.  All things in moderation.

And so my friends, I leave you with my motto:

Bad week?  Good Week?  Remember, it’s a fresh week!

I am linking up for WLW with Chasing the Divine this week.

How was your week?  Leave me a comment and let me know!  I may not be able to always comment back, but I read and enjoy them all!


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