Weightloss Wednesday- Need motivation!

Uncategorized / Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

These are some of the times where it would be a good idea to not be so public about my journey with weight loss.  Or maybe it is just what I need, even though I don’t like to tell you yet again that I didn’t do so well.  Maybe that accountability is just what I need to keep me from giving up completely.

No weight loss this week.  But, I have stopped tracking, I have stopped counting points.  So what can I expect?  Weight loss doesn’t happen because I say I am doing it, it happens because I actually do it.

Want to know another thing that I have been doing, which I know not to but have been?  I have been nearly starving myself some days throughout the day so I can really eat later in the day for a specific meal.  Now, doing this once in a blue moon is ok.  In fact, that’s one thing I love about weight watchers is that you can save up points for a planned meal.  But, it is not healthy everyday to keep yourself from the balanced meal that my body needs.  And then sometimes, I can get so hungry that I way overeat.

So this coming week, I plan on…

  • tracking again, writing down what I eat.
  • counting my points again
  • eating more regularly.

Which brings me to an added benefit to my program.  By filling up on the healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, I am getting way more servings a day of those healthy items than I would if I was not trying to lose weight.  I would not normally reach for a carrot unless I was trying to stretch my points.  So a healthier balance and more fruits and veggies, which I hope will account for a healthier me is a big plus to the weight loss plan.

Ok so I really need to hear my motto for myself today…

Bad week?  Good week?  Remember, it’s a fresh week!

And go over to Confessions of a Snowflake to spread some encouragement to others on this journey as well!


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