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Family, Homemaking, Marriage / Monday, June 20th, 2011

Last February my dear husband took me to a sweetheart banquet with Steve and Annie Chapman singing live.

It was a real treat, since I have been a big fan of their music since a girl.

They sang a song called “What If?”  I would like to share the lyrics with you:

“What If”
(Steve Chapman/Times & Seasons Music/BMI/2004)

“Mary said there’s a lot of things I’ve missed about John In these fifteen years since he’s been gone Lord knows it’s a mighty long list If I had to choose just one He used to ask a question Sometimes I hear it when I’m all alone

He’d say… What if… we go out to dinner tonight What if… we take a walk in the full moonlight What if… we go take in a movie, just me and my best friend (2nd chorus…We take a ride on the Harley just you and me in the wind) (3rd chorus…We go look at antiques, just wanna be with my best friend) Oh how I wish I could what if With John, one more time again

She said it’s funny how a question Can hold so many answers More than I’d ever need I never had to wonder, I never had to ask Did he care about me? I feel sad for the women Who’ve never known a man Who understood like mine Love is like a diamond And if you’re gonna have it You gotta spend some time He’d say……..”

Isn’t that a beautiful song? Here is a sample from their website of the first verse and chorus..“What If?”

You know, the husbands aren’t the only ones that can say “What if…?”

As wives, how can we “What if…” our husbands?

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