What’s a Grandma to Do? Pt. 1

Family, Mothering / Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

I was sitting here thinking how much of a blessing it is at this time of my life and for this season, to be living with our daughter and son in law and their family. There are so many things that I would not get to do or experience or be a part of if I weren’t here.

I remember my own mother just sitting each day watching t.v as the minutes, hours and days rolled by. The relationships of grandma and grandpa and grandchildren has been lost in many homes for some reason.

But, it’s been lost on both sides. Children may be too busy with their own lives that they can think their own parents are a burden. On the other hand, Grandparents can be too busy to be involved!

Not long ago I was thinking about what I should do with my time. Since moving here, it has been almost like being retired . My husband works from home and he is right here most of the time working at his desk in our room. At first I enjoyed the little rest, just sitting up in our room.

Then, I started selling Scentsy. I still enjoy the Scentsy, however one day as I was praying about my time, I realized that what I had been doing was very selfish. I had drunk the Kool Aid, like one of my son in laws say. I am a woman, thus to be a keeper at home. I am an older woman so I am to teach the younger women. I have been born to serve.

So, what was I doing sitting in my chair instead of serving? I can serve with Scentsy, it’s a fabulous company. However, my first line of defense, my first place of responsibility is with my family. She is a wife, homeschool mother of 7 and keeper of her own home.

This is not my home, so to speak. I have to respect that this is hers, she calls the shots. In other words, she can have on her counters what she wants and have put away what she doesn’t want. I am not to interfere with her running her own home.

This is a hard lesson for moms to learn, me included. But, the Lord has laid on my heart to help “pick up the slack” wherever I can in order to give her an easier load. I have not raised 7 children as she is doing. I can not possibly really know what it is like, but for what I can see. I used to think she should do this or that, but no more. I see she is giving her all to this home, even with her health issues of having 1 kidney and worn out adrenals. She actually is the best mom I have ever seen. She loves her children far better than I did mine! She is so compassionate and kind and loving that it makes everything in this home run better.

As I was considering all this in my own life, it seems more often to me for the daughter to be living near their mother than sons. I know some sons do, but I think there are more daughters living by mothers. Even our son in laws parents live right across from their daughter and her family! I would think she feels the same way I do being so close to them. It’s a special thing for grandparents to see their grandchildren grow up near to them. We are both very blessed!

So what are some of the things practically that I now find myself doing in this new sphere of my life?  Tomorrow I will share more with you!

MamaMo is the wife of one wonderful man (for over 40 years), mother of 3 beautiful grown children and their spouses, grandmother of 12, craft show vendor and Scentsy Certified Consultant. She wears many hats, but her favorite and most special times are with her grandbabies! The oldest is 14, the youngest 9 mo old!  (By the way, MamaMo also happens to be my own dear Mama!)

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