“When Motherhood Feels Too Hard”-1 dollar for 1 day!

Mothering / Monday, February 20th, 2012

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“Motherhood is really, at its core, about perseverance and deliberate, focused endurance.

I don’t mean just the physical kind…more often, it is the emotional and spiritual kind. It requires the kind of tenacity that frankly, few women in our age are willing to develop.

Not the tenacity to simply run a household, though the mechanics of that are a very real part of our job. But the “motherhood” I’m talking about encompasses a whole world besides; a world where hearts are painstakingly drawn out, attitudes are carefully monitored and molded, and life-lessons that can only be taught through the zeal of a mother are learned.

Quite frankly, we’ve probably all had days we thought, “this would be easier if someone else were doing it”. And someone else might be able to handle those mechanics I mentioned.

But we’re talking about mother-love–that all-encompassing vocation that has been given only to us.”

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“This eBook is Kelly’s “cup of cold water” to mothers. We all need refreshment and encouragement when the hard days come, and Kelly has provided bite-sized (but meaty and thought-provoking) daily devotionals that urge us to take our calling as mothers seriously but remember at the same time that we are vessels of clay in need of God’s filling. These words are true whether you are the mother of one or the mother of ten! Thank you, Kelly, for sharing your beautiful insights into the calling of motherhood “from the trenches!” -Jennie Chancey

Just take a peek at Kelly’s heart in this beautiful trailer…


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