Will they catch the vision?

Family, Mothering, Spiritual Encouragement / Friday, October 14th, 2011

How was your week?  Mine was very different than anticipated, but the Lord has graciously brought us through another one.  And it’s Friday!  Yay!  I love Fridays.  Last day of school, pizza and family movie night, anticipating family Saturdays and looking forward to the Lord’s Day.

I am joining up with Five Minute Friday again to write without hyper-editing.  So here we…


Photo Credit: Caroline Broyles

What do I think of when I hear the word “Catch”?

This is a hard one this week.  But you know what I think of?

Catch a vision…

How do I get my children to catch the vision of truth that we are seeking to instill in them?

You see, we pour daily the truth of God’s word into their little hearts.

We daily implore them to make Jesus their own, not to think they can go to heaven on mommy or daddy’s coat tails.

We press upon them the necessity of heart religion, of embracing the Savior and walking with Him.

But unless the Holy Spirit quickens their hearts, opens their eyes, enables their very souls to believe, then it will fall on deaf ears and hard hearts.

But Jesus loves the little children and delights to draw them to Himself.  He woos them tenderly and can enable them to “catch the vision”.  May He do so for each one of our precious lambs.

For when they catch the vision, oh the great work for the Kingdom that will be accomplished!  May our next generation “catch the vision”.  May they run in it faster than we can.  May they embrace it eagerly and pass it down to their children.


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